We provide the preparation program, which consists of theory, permanent makeup rules with graphics along with a series of videos.  Homework involves drawing brows and stroke patterns.  Homework is reviewed by a trainer and descriptive feedback is provided.  By the time students arrive to class, they are already very familiar with the world of permanent makeup. This facilitates quality questions and higher level thinking and understanding ensuring that the face-to-face training are as comprehensive and rigorous as possible.


*In Class Experiece

*Live Demonstrations

*Practice on Models

*Preparation Continuous Learning and Lifelong Support

*Manuals and Practice Books

*Different Learning Types

What We Cover:

  • Detailed Mapping and Outlining Methods
  • Variety of Needles and Configurations
  • Sanitation, Cross Contamination, Treatment Set-up
  • Skin Anatomy, Health Conditions, Healing Process, Touch-up Sessions, After Care
  • Extensive Color Theory. Organic vs Inorganic Pigments
  • Licensing, Insurance, Marketing tips

Microblading Group Training